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Dr. Nikolaos Tzoupanos

Dr. Nikolaos Tzoupanos

Head of Laboratory and Lecturer

Dr. Tzoupanos, Laboratory Head at the Department of Water Engineering is responsible for the Water Chemistry labs as well as for several pilot-scale test stands. He is involved in several modules of the master’s degree program, such as Water Chemistry and Water Supply/ Wastewater Treatment II as well as in the research activities of the Department. His research interests cover water and wastewater of any origin (i.e. municipal or industrial) treatment, treated water reuse and sustainable water resources management; further on, the development of alternative and/or innovative treatment techniques aimed to the removal of specific target pollutants and environmental pollution control, prevention and risk assessment. His previous research experience is reflected by e.g. following articles:

N.D. Tzoupanos, A.I. Zouboulis, Y.-C. Zhao (2008). The application of novel coagulant reagent (polyaluminium silicate chloride) for the post-treatment of landfill leachates. Chemosphere 73. 729–736.

N.D. Tzoupanos, A.I. Zouboulis (2011). Preparation, characterisation and application of novel composite coagulants for surface water treatment. Water Research. 45. 3614 -3626.




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