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Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Riechelmann

Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Riechelmann

Research and teaching associate

Diplom Bioingenieur, Technische Universität Braunschweig

Modules: Water Supply and Sanitation I, Water Supply II, Sanitation 2, Water Reuse Technology, Integrated Project 1 (development of the water supply and sanitation system for a smaller community)


Consulting hours  

Thursday 11:00 - 13:00

Tuesday 11:00 - 13:00


Research activities

·        Application of biofilm carrier hybrid processes for capacity increase of overloaded wastewater treatment plants in North African climate

·        Combination of greywater treatment in trickling filters and utilization of evaporative cooling effects for air conditioning systems


Motivation to work in Egypt

Against the background of the current population growth of about 2 million Egyptian citizens more per year it is obvious that the present way of water usage has to change. Working on wastewater treatment is an option to work for the mitigation of the human’s negative influence on natural systems and to prepare for a future were more people have to share less resources in a more and more polluted environment. Increasing the capacity of the El Gouna wastewater treatment plant can become a showcase for Egyptian communities with comparable problems while the development of water recycling systems on household level helps to reduce the freshwater consumption as well as the wastewater production of individuals.


Short curriculum vitae

Within his studies of Bioengineering in north Germany, he went to France to study Biotechnology / Genetics and to Czech Republic to take courses in European environmental politics / Waste geochemistry / European history. In Morocco's industrial capital Casablanca he finished his Diploma about wastewater reuse for urban agriculture under the umbrella of the BMBF Future Megacities Project. Using a membrane bioreactor he examined the reusability of treated industrial wastewater for local agricultural demands.

Since April 2012 he works for the Campus El Gouna and coaches the students in the subjects Water Supply and Sanitation I & II as well as Water Reuse Technology and an integrated project were their skills to develop water and wastewater infrastructure are practiced. In the scope of his research he works since 2013 together with the city service El Gouna to increase the treatment capacity of the central wastewater treatment plant. As it is not possible to build additional facilities he adapts and compares to different biofilm carrier systems aiming to double the plant’s irrigation water production to 2000 m³/d per block.

In cooperation with the Energy Engineering Department he developed a combination of a trickling filter system for greywater treatment that uses the evaporation cooling effect for air conditioning systems while producing pressurized process/irrigation water on household level.

Supervised Thesis works:

Biofilm Hybrid Systems for capacity increase – Modelling and practical verification (M. Sc. Tristan Wilms)

Oxygen respiration tests for kinetic evaluation of Biofilm Hybrid Systems (B. Sc. Amina Sultan)

Recycling - Practical Investigation of a Membrane Bioreactor System (M. Sc. Samer Mekhael)

Investigation of Hybrid Biofilm Systems – Comparison study at the WWTP El Gouna - Egypt (M.Sc Michael Zaki)

Determination of the denitrification potential of a micro-sieve effluent in primary treatment (B. Sc. Johannes Schmidt)

Modelling of a Conventional Activated Sludge- and a Hybrid Moving Bed Bioreactor- process under the climatic conditions of Egypt (M. Sc. Mengyu Yan)

Rainwater harvesting - Comparison of Different Approaches and Implementation Recommendations to Relevant Regional Initial Situations (B. Sc. Theodor Wolf)

Waste water treatment plant of El Gouna - Performance monitoring and improvement of treatment efficiency (M. Sc. Ehab Shafik)

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