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Successful PhD defense of Dr. Ahmed Hadidi

Defense at TU Berlin, Germany
Drilling for groundwater samples
Wadi Bili during a flash flood
Hydrogeological model of El Gouna

Campus El Gouna is proud to announce the graduation of the first PhD student with a pioneer research El Gouna area, fully prepared at the campus in Egypt. The geologist Ahmed Hadidi (MS.c.) started his research on the geology and hydrogeology of El Gouna by the first semester after the campus opening (WS 2012) with the supervision of Prof. Dr. Uwe Tröger. Mr. Hadidi succeeded to measure for the first time the real value of the flow of the flash flood of wadi Bili on March 2014 with our graduated master student Ahmed Askar. 

His thesis titled by:" Wadi Bili Catchment in the Eastern Desert- Flash floods, geological model and hydrogeology". After his successful scientific discussion in Berlin through a video conference with Campus El Gouna, he earned the Dr. rer. nat. title with the grade " cum laude". The committee composed of:

President: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Hinkelmann (TU-Berlin)

Examiner and supervisor: Prof. Dr. Uwe Tröger (TU-Berlin)

Examiner: Prof. Dr. Michael Schneider (FU-Berlin)

Hadidi used the data of TRMM satellite in addition to three ground based rain gauges in wadi Bili to analyze the precipitation intensity and distribution. 35 million m3 of rain water precipitated over wadi Bili where more than one million m3 of it passed to the Red Sea causing some damages to the infrastructure of El Gouna.

Using our Geoprobe ® direct push machine soil sampling system with the data of some wells drilled by the water department in ORASCOM, he established a geological model to estimate the porosity of the uppermost aquifers in the Bili alluvial fan. 130 million m3 was the estimation of the drainable porosity of the first two aquifers.

This research proved the feasibility of introducing artificial recharge in coastal plains of the Red Sea.

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