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Water Supply and Sanitation I

The module Water Supply and Sanitation I presents systems of water supply and wastewater treatment and disposal in principle in order to plan and design relevant components in an economic and ecological way. This includes both the training in and the exercising of the basic design-methods in such a way that modifications to the state-of-the-art can subsequently be undertaken independently.

This course deals with planning, design and operation of water supply and wastewater treatment systems and components. This firstly includes water and groundwater pollution control, water exploration and production, basic processes for water treatment (gas exchange, particle separation, disinfection), pumping, storage and the distribution of drinking water in settlements. Secondly, this course delineates disposal systems for wastewater and storm water, quantity and quality of wastewater, conventional and basic wastewater treatment technologies (mechanical and biological treatments).

Semester: 1

Course type: integrated course

Credits: 6

Examination: written exam

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