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Water Chemistry

The course Water Chemistry covers the basic knowledge concerning the chemical aspects of water quality which are relevant to all kinds of abiotic and biotic processes in aquatic systems, water treatment, water distribution and wastewater treatment.

In detail it deals with substances dissolved or suspended in water, the principles of chemical water analysis, chemical reactions and their quantitative description, acid-based equilibria, the inorganic carbon buffer system, the hydrolysis of metals, the complexation of metals, the precipitation of insoluble substances, surface chemistry and the modeling of chemical equilibria.

During the practical part of the course, principal processes and fundamental chemical reactions which can occur in an aqueous environment and the respective laboratory practices and measurments, which are used to monitor and evaluate those reactions, are presentes to the students. Moreover, essential water and wastewater quality parameters are presented. By completing the laboratory excersises, the water engineers will be able to conduct basic chemical analysis in water and wastewater samples and to critically evaluate the results.

Semester: 1

Course type: lecture

Credits: 3

Examination: written exam

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