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Engineering Hydrology

This course provides an introduction to the water cycle and to hydrological modeling techniques. This relates to hydrological processes and their quantification with empirical formulas and measurement techniques, the use of measuring instruments and the knowledge of field applications. In addition, it explores how to plan and design simple water systems (e.g. reservoirs for water supply and flood retention, river profiles) considering different boundary conditions (rainfall, inflow) and system characteristics (e.g. land use, river profiles).

This course initially focuses on the water cycle, including water balance, rainfall, surface and subsurface runoff, evapotranspiration, infiltration, groundwater and its recharge, hydrometry, the interpretation of discharge time series and hydrology field campaigns. Secondly, the course deals with hydrological modeling techniques that contain an introduction to river basin modeling, discharge generation and concentration, unit hydrograph, translation and retention models, river models and applications in water resources management.

Semester: 1

Course type: integrated course

Credits: 3

Examination: written exam



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