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Pilot and Lab-Scale Plants for Educational and Research Purposes

Research possibilities/considerations

Water or wastewater (of any origin, e.g. domestic or industrial) treatment and determination of the optimum treatment conditions. Improvement of the treatment in an existing wastewater treatment plant, design of water or wastewater treatment plants. Water resources management. Water losses management.


  • Water treatment: to achieve drinking water quality.
  • Wastewater treatment: to achieve good effluent quality for water reuse (e.g. for irrigation, toilet flushing, washing machine, etc.) or disposal.

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Bergmann Treatment Plant
  • Full-scale biological Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) pilot plant. Designed for up to four residents.
  • Full-scale compact biological domestic wastewater treatment plant (Bergmann) with moving bed (microorganisms’ carrier material, facilitating biofilm growth). Designed for up to four residents.

Further Wastewater/ Water Treatment

Desalination Unit
  • Oxidation unit using ozone, used for disinfection, removal of organic substances, color, etc (Figure 2).      
  • Nanofiltration (NF)/reverse osmosis (RO) membrane unit,for water (e.g. desalination, softening) or wastewater treatment with the use of thin film composite membranes.
  • Lab-scale ultrafiltration (UF)/microfiltration (MF) membrane unit, for water or wastewater treatment with the use of ceramic membranes (cross-flow filtration.
  • Membrane test unit, for the evaluation of different membranes’ efficiency (flat sheet membranes, NF, UF, RO) and/or the specification of the optimum treatment conditions.


Pump Test Stand
  • Modular flow channel, used for the study of fluids behavior. Several experiments in the area of hydromechanics and fluid mechanics can be conducted.
  • Pump Test Stand, for the valuation of pumps operation and performance.



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