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Field research and sampling

Field Samplers

Programmable-fully automated field samplers, for appropriate field sampling and samples preservation until analysis (e.g. cooling on site).

Drilling Machine

Drilling Machine

Technical drilling machine (Geoprobe) for groundwater and soil sampling achieving a depth of 50 m with the option of sampling.

Various Field Measurement Devices

Groundwater Sampling Equipment

Various field measurement devices, for on-site determination of water quality and hydraulic testing of aquifers.

Devices for measuring the flow velocity of streams

Flow Measurement

Devices for measuring the flow velocity of streams with different measurement principles (Propeller and electromagnetic devices).

Further Equipment

Jar Test

Other equipment includes various microscopes (laboratory, stereo and inverted microscopes), samples preparation equipment, such as filtration apparatus, centrifuge, microwave digestion, rotary evaporator, Trace Solid Phase Extraction (TraceSPE) for separation/concentration of specific constituents, jar-test devices ) for the study of coagulation/flocculation processes, etc.

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