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Students of Water Engineering

First intake 2012

Ehab Shafik, Egypt, (*1973)


I graduated in Civil Engineering in 1995. Besides, I obtained an additional certificate from the Engineers Syndicate in Egypt in 2011 to be a consultant in ‘Quality Control and Testing Structures’. I joined the Master’s Program of Water Engineering at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna between 2012 and 2014. Now, I am working as Quality Control Manager and Consultant Engineer for Orascom Housing in the field of construction, mainly in Haram City, Cairo.

I enjoyed my experience in the Department of Water Engineering. On the one hand, I had the opportunity to work by myself, on the other, I also acquired the ability to assert myself within a team and experienced the value of teamwork in various projects.

Michael Nashaat Beshai, Egypt, (*1985)


I graduated in 2007 with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Power Engineering. Currently, I am doing my M.Sc. in Water Engineering at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. I am working as a senior electromechanical engineer at Orascom Housing Communities

The Water Engineering Master's contains many materials that qualify me to work in all areas of the water sector such as modeling, monitoring and analysis of groundwater and surface water in addition to the design of water and wastewater treatment plants. It was a great moment when I got a top academic honor award in Water Engineering Master’s Program. 

In addition to a good education method and acquisition of new friends from different countries around the world, I enjoyed my weekends in El Gouna by attending music concerts, cycling and swimming.

I received two job offers, as head of the electromechanical department at a housing company and as head of a development department at Water Solution Company.

Second intake 2013

Michael, Egypt, (*1984)


I graduated in Geochemistry in 2005. I completely believe that knowledge is power, information is liberating, and education is the promise for progress. Thus, my basic attitude is ‘never stop learning’ which has enhanced my leadership skills.

Currently, I am studying for the Master’s degree at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna with its unique concentrated scientific courses in the field of Water Engineering. Parallel to my studies, I’m working as a quality control chemist for water desalination and the waste water treatment plant in El Gouna. Both endeavors are important steps to further develop my professional career.

I think that development arises from the implementation of theoretical ideas. Therefore, I'm happy that this Master’s program emphasizes the practical applicability of the study content. Furthermore, the resort of El Gouna not only offers a suitable environment to apply and implement new innovations but fortunately its decision makers show a great interest in these ideas as well. 

Third intake 2014

Obed Chavez, Mexico (*1983)


I graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor in International Commerce. Since then, most of my background experience is in the field of water treatment.

I’m studying Water Engineering at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. I belong to the second generation of a business family dedicated to engineering solutions of water treatment for industries, private households, and for governments. I’m a member and a full scholarship holder of the National Board of Technology and Science of Mexico (CONACYT).

I came to El Gouna to gain new knowledge about my professional field, choosing this campus as a special opportunity to learn more about sustainable water resources and to share German experiences. The linkages to the other departments of Urban Development and Energy Engineering in our integrated study projects, and thus the interdisciplinary approach of Campus El Gouna, help me to improve my team working skills. El Gouna is the perfect place to think about new ideas for sustainable development.


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