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Students of Energy Engineering

First intake 2012

Mohamed Noaman, Egypt, (*1987)


I completed my B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering in 2011. In 2015, I finished the M.Sc. in Energy Engineering at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna.

I worked for more than three years in business development and supported the top management at Ain Shams University (Cairo) to increase sustainable cross-sector businesses.

I received the "Best Master’s Thesis Award" in my batch after successfully researching novel power plant setups for concentrated solar power in terms of technology and economy. Now, I'm freelancing and advising on PV projects within the Egyptian market, striving to engage and to work on business projects within the global energy sector, and trying to apply my business and engineering skills within a diversified team.

Louay Hossam El-Din, Egypt (1987*)

I graduated in 2010 with a B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering. I finished my M.Sc. in Energy Engineering from TU Berlin El Gouna Campus.

The interdisciplinary program of campus El Gouna is not only focusing on renewables but also conventional energy in order to know advantages and disadvantages of both or how to integrate renewable into conventional systems. Submitting our group project as academic paper and winning best paper award in the 4th Dii Desert Energy Conference 2013 held in Morocco and presenting our project there, gave me a different experience. After my studies, I can easily choose either to continue in research and academia or to work and apply my experience of what I have gain in practical life and work.

With having TU Berlin in one of the most beautiful Red Sea Resorts, El Gouna is a very unique location for studying, chilling and enjoying the beauty of nature. Studying Energy Engineering in El Gouna campus was the best decision I have ever taken in my life until now.

Mohamed Magdeldi, Egypt, (*1987)

I graduated in 2010 with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from University of Technology Petronas, Malaysia. I received the best paper award at the 4th Desert Energy Conference (2013 DESERTEC) in Rabat, Morocco. In 2014, I completed my M.Sc. degree in Energy Engineering from TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. In early 2015, I joined the Department of Energy Technology at Aalto University, Finland, as a research engineer, while pursuing a doctoral degree.

The program at Campus El Gouna equips students with the necessary skill set to pursuit a career and contributes to the research and development field of energy applications.

Second intake 2013

Sarah Hamdy, Germany, (*1992)


I graduated from Technische Universität Stuttgart, B.Sc. Renewable Energy Engineering in 2013. I finished my M.Sc. in Energy Engineering in 2015. I worked at Fraunhofer IAO Stuttgart.

Due to the small number of students, the unique set of modules, the stand-alone campus in El Gouna and personal contact with highly regarded professors; the program allows a unique environment for studies. The program supports to large self-development along with initiating a much deeper, more critical and broader understanding of the taught subjects.

The interdisciplinary concept of the campus, along with the intercultural setting of the class, in addition to the academic materials taught and teaching methods practiced, gave me personally the impression to open up an almost limitless amount of career options in the field of study.

Working as a student research assistant, I was offered a closer look into the three faculties at the campus, as well as the huge administrative effort behind it. Not only did this offer a very personal bonding with the campus but as well our activities in the student union.  

What I personally noticed is that El Gouna allows us students to not bother about working long hours on projects and studying hard. In my view it is on the one hand the close interaction with each other, the feeling of belonging and on the other hand, in El Gouna life is simply made easier. 

Almost everything can be accessed in no time, in walking distance and weather is pretty reliable this is apart from El Gouna going for the slogan: “life as it should be”.

Ahmed Mahran, Egypt, (*1990)


I graduated in 2011 with a B.Sc. in Electrical Power Engineering. Currently, I am doing M.Sc. in Energy Engineering in TU Berlin El-Gouna Campus. The mobile nature of the program between El Gouna and Berlin and the active participation of the campus departments in scientific and industrial events opens channels for wide networking opportunities with proactive entrepreneurs, business executives and decision makers between Egypt and Germany. This widens the spectrum in general for a program attendee to shape the future career paths. For me, I see myself either working in the industry within the European region in the field of smart grids or pursuing a higher scientific degree. Besides, the close community at El Gouna campus is a chance to participate more actively in the extracurricular activities represented in student council, student union and examination committees, which enables the future enhancement of the academic performance.

Anjan Kumar, India, (*1987)


In 2008, I graduated with B.E – Mechanical Engineering from University of Pune. Currently, I am doing my M.Sc. in Energy Engineering at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. “I am a global citizen! I want to empower the poorest & the last woman standing in the line through affordable and scalable market based approach leveraging technological innovation to assist her in adapting to the pernicious effects of climate change and enable her to live a life of dignity” For me the uniqueness of this programme lies in a promising mix of techno- economical course covering energy chain of human society. Additionally, being able to do my masters in two different countries is what I found very interesting. Moreover, the university infrastructure and friendly faculty members are one of the USPs of our campus. Apart from my academics, I also enjoyed working as a member of student union thereby not only working for university events but also in our El Gouna community projects which helped me to be a part of the community. However, in my opinion, the campus is still new and has work to do for further improvement. I am sure it will improve with its age like wine.  After graduating, I will continue working with my startup “Phlams” to provide cheap energy solutions for buildings. In future my motivation is to work as a social entrepreneur and further set up initiatives to help solving poverty and energy problems in the rural parts of developing economies.

Felix Lee, Hong Kong, (*1990)


In the year of 2012, I obtained my bachelor degree, major in Applied Physics and minor in Finance from the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). During the study, I have attended the exchange program to Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

After graduation, I worked as a research assistant under Prof. Jeffrey Cheung in HKBU. In the year of 2013, I joined the TU Berlin Campus El Gouna and started the master program in Energy Engineering. This program provides an insight of energy related topics from traditional power generation to renewables, plus detailed discussion in other related topics, such as Energy for Buildings and Energy Economics. Also, this program serves as an invaluable opportunity to meet people from other countries and expose to different cultures.

My current research interest focuses on the effects of the green roofs towards the Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning (HVAC) and building systems.

Mohamed Nabil, Egypt, (*1989)


I graduated in 2011 from Helwan University. Currently, I am doing my master degree in Energy Engineering in TU Berlin El-Gouna Campus.

The Program is focuses on one of the most critical challenges for Egypt, which is Energy. Therefore, it brings the state of the art technologies not only for conventional energy sources but also for renewables.

However, the campus is located in Egypt, you will always get the feeling that you are in one of the building extensions from Berlin. Starting from the great German professors and “cool” teaching assistants that you can always practice your German with to the weekly interesting German movie nights.          

The life atmosphere is not relaxing as it looks because you will always be chased by deadlines but the studying atmosphere is a real fun. Most of the tasks are on a teamwork base. All in all, the university provides a real productive atmosphere.

Ogbodo Friday, Nigeria, (*1979)


I graduated in 2008/2009 from the University of Benin, Benin City, with a B.Sc. in Engineering in Mechanics. Currently, I am doing my Master’s degree in Energy Engineering at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna.

The most incomparable aspect of the program is that it deals with an emerging future topic including energy efficiency, alternative energy technologies, and environmental compliance. My intention in this promising field is to be part of the leadership in energy and environmental design.

I can describe the Campus as a place of excellent academic opportunities, with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, and with professors highly tailored toward their profession. Campus El Gouna is actually a place to be. In my own simple words I’d like to say that the atmosphere for studying is encouraging and also offers a lot of relaxation opportunities after hard work.

As the world continues to face the challenges of alternative energy sources and environmental degradation, the future is in our hands: our decisions today will save us tomorrow.

Third intake 2014

Vishvesh Shenoy, India, (*1989)


I graduated in 2011 with a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, I am doing a M.Sc. degree in Energy Engineering at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna.

The program offers a unique mixture of different conventional and renewable technologies that I was keen to learn and comprehend. The professors with their immense knowledge in their respective fields are a boon to students and I am really glad and filled with gratitude towards them.

Well, as I said earlier, the university offers a wide range of technologies to its students and depending upon my interest and the courses that I would excel in, no matter which field I choose, the future is filled with unlimited possibilities. For any student, especially for me being an international student, Campus El Gouna is a second home away from my country. We share, we laugh, have fun together, but all the more everyone is there for one another and that's nothing but one big family.

Life in El Gouna is way beyond what I expected it to be and much more. It's a small Egypt in itself. It has a diversified mixture of people from all around the world, who share different cultural standards. As far as study is concerned, the university is well planned and equipped with all the facilities that a student requires for a well-balanced study atmosphere. One can have privacy to study alone or in a group. The department staff is always available for any help either academic or personal. Overall, a good place for students to have fun, relax and study.

Being an international student, I got the opportunity not only to explore Berlin but also Egypt with all its diversified cultures and people. I am very fortunate to have had the option to explore the two worlds

Zhichao Wu, China (*1992)


I finished my B.Sc. in Automation in 2014. Currently, I am doing my Master’s degree at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna in Energy Engineering.

As this program is held both in Egypt and Germany, it provides me with various opportunities to experience different cultures and ways of life. But it is not only the two countries: Moreover, the students are from around the world and communication with each other broadens our horizon, as well. A great place doing so is the ping-pong table on campus. I enjoyed the time playing with classmates and the staff. It helps me to relax during the study.

To me, El Gouna is a really peaceful and beautiful place to live, which makes it a great place to do research and study as well.

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