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The three Master's degree programs

Master of Science in Energy Engineering (EE)


Energy has been a key factor in the development of countries, enabling their economic growth and shaping their environments to the needs of human society. more to:

Master of Science in Urban Development (UD)


Urban growth is extensively transforming the face of the planet. For the first time in human history, more than half of the world's population now lives in towns and cities. With an average growth rate of 2.1% per annum from 1990-2003, the MENA region has one of the world’s most rapidly expanding populations, increasingly concentrated in urban areas. more to:

Master of Science in Water Engineering (WE)

Egyptian and German Students are inspecting a new high performance well installation

In the last decades, water resources have been under increased pressure, caused by the gap between the need for water and its availability in terms of both its quality and quantity. This is a particular problem in arid and semiarid regions. Beyond traditional sectors where water is in high demand, this phenomenon is being intensified by rapidly growing populations, increased agricultural irrigation for food production, intensified urbanization and climate change. To overcome this dilemma, a water resources management that follows an integrated and interdisciplinary approach is widely proposed, including sustainable capacity building. This is offered by the Water Engineering Department of the TUB Campus El Gouna with research and teaching. more to:

Master of Science in IT for Energy

IT4E logo

Information technologies and their implementation in the energy sector is a challenging topic that grasps more and more attention as it is urgently needed for implementation in energy industry. The Information Technologies for Energy program at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna is a newly introduced master program, unique in its kind in the MENA region. The ITE program deals with the design, development, optimization and realization of renewable energy and fossil fuel-based energy-conversion plants with the support of information Technologies.


Master of Science in Business Engineering Energy

MBE logo

In the energy sector there is a particularly strong demand for engineers with a convincing technical background but also managerial skills and knowledge of todays’ economy, as the gap between technical and economic feasibility is a growing challenge. 



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