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Urban Thinkers Campus El Gouna


“Urban challenges and opportunities in MENA/ Arab Region: From SDGs to Urban Practice”

For the first time in Egypt and North Africa the Department of Urban Development at the University of Technology Berlin - Campus El Gouna - together with the GIZ Egypt (Urban Cluster) and the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development - is organizing an Urban Thinkers Campus. The event will be held from 8th to 10th December 2018 in El Gouna, Red Sea Governorate.

The Urban Thinkers Campus series is meant to be a place to share, learn and brainstorm on a new urban paradigm. The Campus is founded on the concept of Urban Thinkers sessions allowing for great level of exchange among urban development stakeholders such as academics, government and administration, private sector developers and planners, international cooperation, civil society and youth. Its declared objective is to push for addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the implementation of the New Urban Agenda (NUA).

“The Urban challenges and opportunities in MENA/ Arab Region: From SDGs to Urban Practice” will build on the role of TU Berlin Campus El Gouna as an international research and educational hub in North Africa and the Middle East, located in Egypt. Bringing partners and actors from Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Germany and the United States of America, the Urban Thinkers Campus aims to reach a comprehensive understanding of urgent topics of urbanization through inputs, discussions and debates within urban labs, partner groups’ sessions and roundtables and to move towards a roadmap for capacity building for better, more sustainable urban development

The target of determining the actions to be taken towards capacity building on regional, national and local levels will be tackled according to the following structure:

-       Day 1: Regional Challenges for the Transformation to Urban Sustainability

-       Day 2: Urban Agendas and Transitioning Frameworks at the Urban Practice Levels

-       Day 3: Taking Action: Urban Capacity Building & Co-Production

This event is funded by the GIZ 2030 Agenda Transformation Fund and supported by the UN HABITAT Regional Office for the Arab States and UN Habitat Egypt Office. Further academic support is provided by the DAAD COSIMENA.


For more information, visit the World Urban Campaign Urban Thinkers Campus webpage:



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UD News 2018

15th Community Forum El Gouna


We are looking forward to welcoming you at the 15th Community Forum (13th October 2018- 5pm to 8 pm at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna).

The Forum will offer a platform to exchange the dialogue between the Campus, Orascom and the Community of El Gouna.

Topics of the 15th Session:


  • El Gouna: A Hub for Creative Industries and Startups?
  • New Concepts for Climate Change and Urban Development
  • Urban Development of El Bustan

Presentations and discussions to these topics will be based on the results of the recent term projects of Urban Development master students and on the initial ideas of a working group titled "El Gouna Vision“ facilitated by TU Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin and Berlin SRH School. A detailed program will be published soon

Please do not forget to register for the Forum using the following link

1st Webinar M.Sc. Urban Development 2018


Join Technische Universität Berlin (Campus El Gouna) in a LIVE WEBINAR on the 15th of June 2018 (Friday) at 16:30 Indian Standard Time (1.00 pm German/Egyptian Time) to know more about the campus and courses offered by the university.

The platform will be opened to ask questions regarding courses, admission, application, campus, facilities, scholarships, etc. Besides this, there will be an in-depth discussion on the Master's degree program in Urban Development.

To register, please send an email to:

NOTE : This webinar has specially designed for Indian students. Nevertheless you can send us an email and can express us your interest. Without email confirmation, you will not be able to join. Looking forward to meet you in the webinar.

Alumni Seminar 2018 - The Smart City


Urban, Energy and Water Solutions for Future Cities

2nd Alumni Seminar

April 22-29, 2018

Smart City is a label that brings together activities and projects at the local level with the global challenges, and links them to developments in science and product design that change the way people interact socially and in space. The view on the subject of smart cities should not be reduced to "high tech" as is often the case, but should be considered above all from the perspective of "appropriate technologies". In regions like MENA less expensive and complex, locally available and established technologies are promising.

find out more

Download the programme




MoU between GIZ and Department of Urban Development


Within the framework of common interest in experience transfer and cooperation between academia and practice in the field of urban development, the Department of Urban Development  at Technische Universität Berlin – Campus El Gouna, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Participatory Infrastructure Project (PIP) and the Participatory Development Program in urban areas (PDP) of the GIZ (German Cooperation for International Development) in Egypt.

The mutual interest of the Department of Urban Development and the GIZ - PIP/PDP is to achieve participatory and sustainable development in informal settlements in Egypt. This resulted in the mutual goal of an academic, scientific and research based collaboration to benefit from the exchange of the different experiences, instruments and products, and to utilize research processes to disseminate the lessons learned from the PIP/PDP's practical experiences in the undergraduate and graduate programs curricula.

The agreement was signed on Thursday the 3rd of May 2018 at the GIZ PDP/PIP premises in the presence of Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schäfer - Study Dean Urban Development at Campus El Gouna, Dr.-Eng. Hassan Elmouelhi (research associate at Campus El Gouna and Coordinator at Habitat Unit, TU Berlin) and Eng. Wolfgang Roller Head of Project for the Participatory Infrastructure Project (PIP).


For further information about the program and the above-mentioned projects, please visit the following links:

Link to Habitat Unit – TU Berlin


Link to RealCityLab project




Excursion Quseir


The Egyptian deserts along the Red Sea form an important and strategic region of the Arab Republic of Egypt (Egypt). The region, in administrative terms defined as the Governorate of the Red Sea, has a direct geopolitical exposure to the neighbouring countries; Sudan in the south, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in the east and Palestine, Israel and Jordan in the north-east.

In recent years the southern parts of the governorate have drawn the attention of the Egyptian government. In their development policy “Sustainable Development Strategy; Egypt 2030” the Egyptian government has defined further development of the south of the Red Sea Governorate as a main part of the national strategy. Examples are the touristic developments around Marsa Alam and the touristic development of the natural park Wadi el Gamal south of Marsa Alam.

To understand the current situation of region and with the objective to deliver support to the development plans of the regional and national governmental authorities, the department of Urban Development (UD) and its students went on an excursion to the area from the 8th until the 11th of February.

The academic team of UD strongly believes that any development plan should be based on an on-site analysis of the social, economic, environmental and political conditions and stakeholders. This analysis provides in a framework for further hands-on research that can uncover the complexities and sensibilities of the region. Aspects became visible that can be both opportunity and threat to a successful implementation of any development plan for this strategically and economically important region.

In the excursion the research team visited the historical city of El Quseir, the private touristic city development of Port Ghaleb and the nature park of Wadi El Gamal. The research team was able to get access to a many highly relevant stakeholders and sites.

Cairo Urban Excursion


Cairo Urban Excursion, February 2018

Cairo, February 2018 – Students from the first semester of the Urban Development master program have explored Cairo urbanism through an excursion from 21st to 27th of February. Visiting various urban areas, they have had the chance to engage with urban development experts, activists and planners, through tours, lectures and discussions lectures.

The excursion had started in Al-Khalifa district, in a tour guided by Dr. May El Ibrashy, Head of Megawra – Built Environment Collective, highlighting several community development projects around and through the preservation of built heritage. In Downtown Cairo, the students met with an expert from CLUSTER (Cairo Lab for Urban Studies) who unraveled the layers of Downtowns’ rich history. The excursion extended to cover different areas such as the newly developed Al-Azhar Park and historical site of Beit Al-Memar (Hassan Fathy House), where the group attended a lecture and a tour guided by Dr. Heba Sahey Eldin (Director). Additionally, the group had the chance to meet with representatives of governmental agencies such as Dr. Abdulkhalek Al-Qady, GOPP consultants, as well as visiting the large scale real-estate development of Cairo Festival City, where the excursion ended with a presentation from Engineer Alaa Anwar, a senior Development Manager at Al-Futtaim Real-estate.

The excursion thus was fruitful and highlighted the complexity of Cairo urbanism, the multifaceted challenges and potentials of Greater Cairo and discussing crucial issues of Urban Development in Egypt, such as satellite cities, urban management, urban growth and urban heritage conservation to the students of our masters’ programme.

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Open Day Gouna Spring 2018

Open Day El Gouna Campus Urban Development Department Stadtentwicklung Egypt Ägypten

As per annual tradition, the doors of Campus ElGouna opened on January 27, 2018, to welcome prospective students, young professionals and the general public showcasing study programmes, research activities and the facilities of the Technical University of Berlin in its branch in ElGouna, Egypt.

Over 150 curious minds used this unique opportunity to get a taste of what studying in ElGouna is like, to get in touch with professors and lecturers of the three departments of Energy Engineering, Urban Development and Water engineering and to fire questions at the campus staff and scholarship funders such as the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development.

The programme of the Urban Development Masters’ is tailored to address urban challenges in the MENA-region and beyond, equipping a new generation of urban practitioners with the knowledge and tools to effectively design and implement urban interventions tackling social, economic, ecological and technical issues. As such it received a host of interested students, among whom were architects, civil engineers, urban planners and designer but also geographers, archaeologists and the social scientists, reflecting the interdisciplinarity of the programme. The team of Urban Development thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm and spirited exchange and discussions on the Open Day and is looking forward to your applications.

In case you have missed this opportunity and would like to apply to the “Urban Development” masters’ programme, please follow this link.

A detailed description of the application process can be found here.

Should there be any questions regarding the content and course structure of the Urban Development Masters’, please send an email to





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