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Traffic Planning

The growing problems of traffic in urban areas have led to renewed conceptions in ‘mobility’ planning and traffic management. As the quality of the urban environment relates directly to its transportation facilities, growing concerns regarding clean air, economic development, congestion management, transportation control measures etc. have greatly increased the importance of well-planned transportation facilities and policies. This course introduces the basics of traffic planning in an urban context. Furthermore, new directions in the urban transportation planning processes will be highlighted and the correct use of these instruments introduced. The content involves e.g. network planning for roads, public transport, bicycles and pedestrians, new directions in the urban transportation planning process , networks used for public and private transport (planning methodology, design of transport plans) and the design of access roads and main roads, public transport facilities, facilities for pedestrians, bicycles and parked vehicles.

Course type: integrated course  

Credits: 6

Examination: written exam

Modes of Mobility


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