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14th Community Forum: Local Climate Change and Urban Planning in El Gouna


The 14th Community Forum El Gouna 2030 was a part of TUB Campus El Gouna Opening Day 2017. At the same time the celebration of 5 years’ anniversary of the community forum conjugate with the stream. Participants of this Forum will be the stakeholders of the Forum including residents, officials, interested visitors, members, followers, students etc..

Campus El Gouna has been cooperating with the Department of Meteorology of Freie Universität Berlin (FU) for last 5 years in the field of climatology. Every year in September, a group of FU students & researchers came to El Gouna to measure the climatological situation of the town. In this episode, this research findings will be explored with some other contributions which will analyze the climatic conditions of El Gouna. It will also address climate adaptation and mitigation strategies more deeply exploring several challenging issues like urban heat island. So the research results will flourish a discussion platform to evaluate the master plan of ancient sand.



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