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Students Visit Seat of German Parliament


22 May 2016, 27 members of TU Berlin Campus El Gouna visited the heart of the German democratic system: its parliament, the "Bundestag", seated in the historic "Reichstag" building, close to the "Brandenburger Tor" in Berlin. There, they learned about the history, architecture and supply systems of the Building.

The tour was conducted by a young tour guide who recently started her work in the building. She illustrated the German history in context of the building itself. It starting with forming the "Deutscher Bund" and continued through the First World War to the "Weimarer Republik" which was declared by Philip Scheidemann from one of the balconies of the building. The political history of the building was stopped during the Nazi regime due to a fire on February 27 in 1933. In times of cold war the building  was used as museum for German history. After the reunification of Germany it was decided to move  the German parliament back to Berlin. This process was finished in 1999.

Besides German history, the students learned about the open architecture which symbolizes a transparent government and the people observing the legislative process from the guest stand above the politicians. Furthermore, the tour guide was able to mention some of the building supply features, as the well-ventilation system or the seasonal water storage deep below the building.

The tour ended in the dome of the buildings where the students could freely roam around and enjoy the beautiful spring weather and the skyline of Berlin.

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