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Mr. Islam Elsedek giving his introduction about Red Sea Protectorates
Commencing the raft race
TUB Team at raft engineering
First test of the TUB raft
Campus El Gouna rafting team

April 2016, El Gouna participated in this years Earth Day on April 22 with a whole week in advance. This week was dedicated to create and deepen user awareness regarding energy savings and sustainable behavior among tourists and inhabitants. TU Berlin dispatched a delegation to participate during the opening ceremony and throughout the week.

The introduction to the week was given by research associate Christoph Banhardt (Energy Engineering) who talked about energy saving measures in households and offices only through creating awareness. In example, placing your fridge next to the oven will increase its electric demand when operating the oven. The presentation ended in a discussion about dress codes in offices and cooling set points of air conditioning systems. The final question remained unanswered: is it necessary to wear a full suit, including tie, forcing the users to set the A/C system to 20°C?

The break between the two opening presentations was dedicated to healthy food (Sponsored by Club House) and wine samples from the ecologic operated winery of El Gouna.

The opening was finalized by marine biologist Islam Elsadek who gave a deep insight to the work on Red Sea protectorates. He started with a famous quote of Nelson Mandela that "education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world", directly in harmony with this years slogan of the earth weak. The main rule visitors to marine aqua parks should follow is to "take nothing with you, leave nothing behind". Following this rule would reduce human impact on marine life to a minimum. Everyone should call the coast guard or the marine protectorates authorities directly if violations are observed. This could be anchoring boats within the reefs or fishermen using nets.

During the week, three different documentaries about global environment and pollution where shown open air on various public places in Gouna. Furthermore, the whole week was accompanied by artists transforming rubbish into art. Parents participated in workshops with their kids and their made objects where presented around the city and sold on an art & fleas market.

On Monday, 18 April, the community participated in beach clean ups. Parents cleaned the area south of Gouna, near the old roman harbour, with their kids. A guided tour went to Tawila island and cleaned the eastern coast of it which is normally not targeted by tourist operators. Furthermore, a group of divers performed a underwater clean-up, freeing coral reefs of plastic bags and other dirt. They also won the "Quiz Night", only some points in front of a group of TU Berlin associates and friends. The very next day, El Gounas recycling facilities and (waste) water treatment plants opened for public to welcome visitors.

The week was finalized by the upcycling raft race at Club House. Participants needed to build a floating raft from rubbish and cross a lagoon twice with a crew of two rowing team members. The race was won by Kite-Club "Elements". The team brought a lot of prefabricated material and built an extraordinary catamaran. They made the two crossings within half the time the second team (El Gouna recycling facility themselves). Of the 10 teams starting only 4 arrived back in one piece with the crew members still on top of it. One of them was the team of Campus El Gouna, with the rowing members of Angela Ziltener (Water Engineering) and Ahmed Khalil (Urban Development).




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