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Young Professionals Open Day – German Higher Education in Egypt


23 January 2015, El Gouna - TU Berlin Campus El Gouna opened its doors and welcomed over 55 young professional Egyptian prospect Master's students from Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said and from other cities all around Egypt to learn about the three Master's programs in El Gouna and to develop further their careers in the fields of Energy Engineering, Urban Development and Water Engineering under the German quality education offered by Technische Universität Berlin, Germany.

Comprehensive academic introductions to the Master's programs were provided as well as a thorough campus tour through its lecture halls, the library and the vast amount of laboratories, which are installed and substantially equipped according to German scientific and research standards implemented at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. Moreover, professors, program coordinators and research associates of TU Berlin Campus El Gouna presented an inside view on their work in Berlin and El Gouna and provided information about the wide range of professional and diverse career and research opportunities within each of the three Master's programs.

Currently enrolled students and Master's graduates from the class of 2014 were also present during the Open Day program to answer all the questions by the prospect Master's students and provide the first-hand experience impressions about the curricula and the interdisciplinary approaches of the three Master's programs. Egyptian prospect students met with advisor's to explain their scholarship opportunities, admission deadlines and the practise oriented composition of the Master's programs that includes intensive research oriented projects and theoretical studies in Egypt and Germany as well as an internship and applicable field work and research for the Master's thesis.

The Open Day started with a welcoming lunch and an overview by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schäfer, Study Dean of the Urban Development Department at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. The university organized and sponsored the two day program for all participants in El Gouna. Giving the opportunity for the prospective young professionals who are interested to develop their career and expertise with the Master's programs at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna to apply within the deadline  February, 2015 for the new semester starting in October 2015 in El Gouna.

For how to apply for our Master's Programs and admission procedures see here.
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