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“A Flagship for the German-Egyptian Scientific Relations”

Our first graduates with our honored guests
Our graduates and honored guests

24 January 2015, El Gouna - “A dream came true”, Eng. Samih Sawiris stated after the Graduation Ceremony of the class of 2014 that finalized their Master's degrees at TUB Campus El Gouna. The 27 alumni from five different nationalities received their Master's certificates at the Campus in the attendance of H. E. Dr Khaled Fahmy, Egypt's Minister for the Environment, Mr Hansjörg Haber, German Ambassador in Egypt , Major General Ahmed Abdallah, Red Sea Governor, Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen, President of Technische Universität Berlin, and proud families and friends.

“TUB Campus El Gouna is the first place in Egypt that gives proper European standard engineering education and Master's degrees that are as good as what equal universities in Europe offer”, Sawiris said to the first Master's graduates who received their degrees in various topics related to solving the challenges and opportunities facing the MENA region and especially Egypt in the fields of energy conservation, water and waste water treatment and raising the bar to examining a barrier-free tourism sector (for differently-abled travellers). These are some examples of the diversity and interdisciplinary Master's Thesis approaches introduced by TU Berlin with the goal of fostering international academic exchange and educating engineers for Egypt.

Most of the graduates are Egyptians. “TUB Campus El Gouna will provide us with highly capacitated young dynamic energetic engineers to work in fields that are posing a challenge for the economic development of Egypt. We are really looking forward to investigating how to strengthen the cooperation with TU Berlin”, Dr. Khaled Fahmy acknowledged after witnessing the Master’s graduates presentations during the Graduation Ceremony. Furthermore, Fahmy highlighted Egypt's energy problems and said that TUB Campus El Gouna can help Egypt address these problems by strengthening the development of experts in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency for the country. 

The representatives of TU Berlin and the German Embassy in Cairo expressed their respect for the efforts and achievements of TU Berlin and its Campus in Egypt. “Our scientists who come to El Gouna have experiences with water, energy and urban development. I am convinced that we can contribute scientifically to show and to suggest how to solve many of the problems related to these issues in Egypt”, Prof. Dr. Thomsen confirmed while Germany's ambassador in Egypt Haber said: “The three Master's programs are bang in the centre of what Egypt needs. They will foster exchange.” Moreover, Laura Oexle, Head of Science Department at the German Embassy in Cairo, described the Campus as a flagship for the German-Egyptian scientific relations. “This university offers ideal research conditions for scientists in their respective fields. The Campus with its three programs is exactly focusing on the main challenges Egypt is facing”, she said.



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