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Minister of Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements and Red Sea Governor at TUB Campus El Gouna

Minister and Governor discussing with staff of Campus El Gouna

On the sidelines of the second vocational service seminar of the Rotary Club, a high-level meeting took place between H.E. Dr. Laila Iskander, Egyptian Minister of Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements, H.E. General Ahmed Abdallah, Governor of Red Sea, and representatives of TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. The meeting was initiated by the Department of Urban Development, led by Prof. Adrian Atkinson and moderated by Dr. Hassan El Mouelhi.

The talks revolved around future cooperation on informal settlements (‘ashwa’eyat) between the Department, the Red Sea Region, and the Ministry. One of El Gouna’s Urban Development students, Mohamed Ashraf, presented the case study of Zerzara. The neighborhood is part of the city of Hurghada, contains multilayered problems - such as a lack of proper sanitation - and  was the target area of an interdisciplinary study project during the last winter semester. During his presentation, Mohamed suggested some lighthouse projects in the field of local economic development and a system of collective septic tanks. The latter was questioned by both the Minister and the Governor due to improper technology and a lack of maintenance in the long run. Thus, further research on the topic was suggested for the Departments of Water Engineering and Urban Development.

Of great importance was the following discussion on new research projects on upgrading of ‘ashwa’eyat for the coming two winter semesters. After a short discussion the neighborhood of El Arab was chosen and immediate appointments for a visit were made with municipality staff for the coming week. Furthermore, TU’s representatives have shown great interest to carry out a research project in an informal area within the Red Sea city of El Quseir, south of Hurghada.

The representatives of the Department of Energy Engineering suggested Liquid Solar Fuel Solutions as a potential source for energy production. The Governor has shown great interest in opportunities and challenges of combining wind turbines and solar plants. Further talks are needed to deepen these issues.

The meeting took place in a very constructive and open atmosphere showing the potentials for application-oriented research, benefitting both the region and the Campus.



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