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Congratulations to our Contest-Winning Students

Our contest-winning students Mohamed Ashraf and Anjan Kumar

The Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI), which is a cooperation between TU Berlin and Siemens, organized a competition under the topic “Designing Smarter Cities”. The contest had two main sections, “Intelligent District Energy Management” and “Integrated Mobility for Sustainable Facilities”.

Ten finalists were chosen from both sections to present their ideas in front of a jury that consisted of experts in the fields of energy and mobility from TU Berlin, Siemens, and the Berlin Senate Department of Urban Development and Environment. Two students of TU Berlin Campus El Gouna made it to the last round.

Mohamed Ashraf, a Master’s candidate from the Department of Urban Development, participated in the Mobility section and presented his idea “Charge on the Stop! Inductive Charging Traffic Zones” in front of the CKI community. Anjan Kumar, a second year student of Energy Engineering, and his team “Phlams” showcased their project “Solar Window Blinds” as part of the Energy section.

After a long day of ten strong presentations, questions, and answers, the jury had a closed discussion for 30 minutes. Eventually, four winners were announced, two from each section. With hard work and devotion, Mohamed was able to secure a place among the frontrunners of the “Integrated Mobility for Sustainable Facilities” section. Likewise, Anjan and his team were proclaimed winners for their continuous efforts in the “Intelligent District Energy Management” section.

The official prize ceremony of the competition will take place in Berlin on the 10 November. Michael Müller, Berlin Senator for Urban Development and the Environment, and Dr. Roland Busch, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, will hand out the awards to the winners.

Winning this competition was a great distinction for the young father Mohamed, who is at the same time writing his Master’s thesis in El Gouna. The Department of Urban Development has supported his remarkable efforts by sponsoring his travel expenses from El Gouna to Berlin for the final presentation and the subsequent ceremony.

For Anjan and his team the award is a great recognition of a journey that already begun earlier this year during a summer school on climate change and entrepreneurship. It was then that the five team members developed the idea that now won them financial assistance and a workshop to enhance their concept even further.



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