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Audimax – Conference and Theatre Hall


The Auditorium Maximum (Latin largest lecture hall or Aula Magna; short lecture hall) is usually the largest and most representative of a university lecture hall. In the lecture hall find large lectures, but also hard-or other major events place. 

Venue Information


  • 392 seats (theater chairs)
  • Independent reception and foyer located on the ground floor
  • Audimax stage 8m x 2.4m x 0.72 m
  • 5 seat podium with audio/visual presentation and instant translation facility
  • 1 main podium (single speaker) with audio/visual presentation facility

Control Room Facilities 

  • Audio and visual presentation controls
  • Light controls
  • Microphone controls for interactive discussions

Translator Rooms

  • 2 translator rooms
  • instant translation for up to 2 languages, available for 39 seats
  • 45 ear phones


  • Central 39 chairs on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd row, each is equipped with interactive microphones
  • 4th row onwards, are equipped with one mic for every 2 chairs
  • 2 wireless microphones


  • With a drop down screen 6.10m x 6.10m
  • 2-3 split screen windows system available


  • 3 camera in hall scan movement (pan- tilt- zoom) for capturing and showing single speakers at screen
  • Video conference possible


  • Wi-Fi
  • Cable (one connection on single podium)









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