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Women's Representative of Central Institute El Gouna

Women's Representative

 Ira Lemm


Phone:  +49(0) 30 314-75931
Fax:      +49(0) 30 314-75716

Room:             ACK 376
Consultation hours:  on appointment


Meike Lenzen

(stellv. Frauenbeauftragte)

Phone:  +49(0) 30 314-72357
Fax:  +49(0) 30 314-75716
E-Mail:  meike.lenzen

Room:             ACK 397
Consultation hours:  on appointment

Duties and responsibilities of part-time women's representatives

  • Enforcement of measures to promote women and / or to promote the compatibility of work and family

    These include:
  •  Advice on issues of working hours, employment contracts, reconciliation of family, and work or study for women and men 
  •  information about training, maternity, and parental leave, as well as to issues of discrimination and harassment in the workplace 
  •  respecting the rights of women in filling vacancies, employment positions, appointments, and promotions

    We are gladly available for personal conversations.


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