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Students of Urban Development

First intake 2012

Doha Moustafa Ibrahim, Egypt, (*1990)


I graduated in 2012 with a BSc. in Architecture. In 2014, I finished my master degree in Urban Development in TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. Currently, I am working as a research assistant at Integrated Urbanism & Sustainable Design MSc (Ain Shams University).

The M.Sc. program provides analytical insights on the urban challenges in the MENA region and other parts of the world. The program qualifies the participants to work in research as well as fieldwork.

During my study in TU Berlin, I participated in several activities. One of my interesting activities was being a student’s representative in the institution council of TU Berlin Campus El Gouna as well as initiating the students union in cooperation with several other great fellow students.

El Gouna is a very interesting place to live and study in. In our studying times we enjoyed organizing different activities together.

Anas Alhowaily, Egypt (*1988)


I graduated with a B.Sc. in Architecture and Environmental Design in 2010 from the AAST, and I earned my M.Sc. in Urban Development, and my Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning in 2019 from the Technical University of Berlin. As an architect, urban planner, lecturer, and researcher, I organized and participated in different international projects, programs, and conducted several research visits encompassing my area of specialization. My doctoral research that was successfully concluded in 2019 investigates the evolution of urban policy and legislation throughout the modern Egyptian history and undertakes a systematic analysis of the development of the institutional and legislative setup over the era (1835 -2019). The research was able to explore, identify, and assess key institutional and economic determinants within the Egyptian policy, design and management that promote or curtail Smart Growth. In addition, through investigating two urban development case studies in retrospect, the research managed to support new outcomes that significantly contribute to reforming the Egyptian policy, management, and design of urban growth.

Mohamed Ashraf, Egypt (*1984)


I got my B.Sc. in Architecture in 2008. After four years of professional work as an architect, I join the MSc program of urban development at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. I found the program very inclusive with sophisticated and sustainable educational topics.

During my internship in the framework of the study, I worked with the Berlin Senate, Department of Urban Development and Environment, for the re-development of Berlin’s neighborhood of Moabit-West. I also provided a development concept for the new educational campus of Frankfurter Allee Nord in Berlin-Lichtenberg. Furthermore, I won the Siemens design competition ''Designing Smarter Cities - Integrated mobility for sustainable districts'', organized by the TU-Berlin-Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI) in November 2014. During the fourth semester, I participated in an UN-HABITAT conference in Cairo as an co-author with the paper “Sanitation in Integrated Nexus Perspectives - The Case of Zerzara, City of Hurghada”.

I am interested in the fields of urban management, urban economics, resource management and urban innovations. Currently, I am working on several innovative development projects and ideas. I believe that I should continue delivering what I learned and achieved during my study and raise the public awareness of future urban and environmental challenges.

Papon Kumar Dev, Bangladesh (*1986)


I am a mid-level city planner after successful completion of my bachelor degree on Urban & Rural Planning from Khulna University, Bangladesh and master's degree on Urban Development from Technical University, Berlin. I got several academic scholarships and awards with best profile student and dissertation awards from Technical University, Berlin. I have also worked around 6 years nationally & internationally at several NGOs, research institutions, academic institutions etc. on climate change, poverty reduction, community participation and livelihood issues. I have numbers of publications in peer reviewed journals with capability of facilitation of workshops, seminars, conferences etc. Currently beside my PhD at TU Berlin, I am involved with Global 2015 e.V. for preparing fact sheets on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The campus El-gouna has given me a good insight on development planning from cross country corridors. I have been acquainted with different planning practices in Egypt and Germany as well as overall MENA region. El-gouna is a tremendous secured place for conducting study and doing several recreational activities.

Second intake 2013

Ahmed Adel Khalil, Egypt, (*1989)


I graduated in 2011 with a B.Sc. in Computer and Systems Engineering. Currently, I am doing an M.Sc. degree in Urban Development at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna, while working as a software development consultant and project owner. Beside my study, I was the co-founder and president of the Student’s Union at campus El Gouna.

During my study, I did an internship at TU Berlin's ZTG research institute in the mobility department, later, I participated in the street networks summer workshop organized by MIT and SUTD in Solo city in Indonesia in June 2015. Currently, I am writing my thesis about urban mobility and how it can enhance the safety and security conditions in new towns.

Urban development is a very broad specialization that welcomes several disciplines into its context. In order to have a better future for Egypt, Urban Development is a specialization that cannot be ignored in any sustainable vision for the country.

El Gouna provides the perfect atmosphere for students to focus their studies and also to meet together. It has lots of potential to become the center of education and entrepreneurship in Egypt and the whole MENA region.

Mahmoud El-Shabrawy, Egypt, (*1988)


I graduated in Architectural Engineering Technologies in 2012. After graduation, I worked as a BIM engineer (building information modeling) in the Great Egyptian Museum in Cairo. In 2011, I attended a summer school on “The New Urban Revolution in Greater Cairo”, focusing on informal settlements in Cairo, organized by TU Berlin and Ain Shams University. Currently, I am doing my M.Sc. in Urban Development at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna.

One of the unique things about studying at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna is the interdisciplinary cooperation with the two other departments. So, we not only get experience in our study field but in their topics as well. This gets even more intensive in the second semester in Berlin because it includes students also from other faculties. Living and studying in El Gouna is a lifetime experience that no one would regret.

Mohamed AbdelWahab, Egypt, (*1988)


I graduated from Helwan University, Faculty of Fine Arts with a B.Sc. in Architecture. Currently, I am doing a M.Sc. in Urban Development at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna.

Working in an Egyptian context with German experiences introduces new insights to seemingly resilient epidemic middle-eastern urban syndromes. Later, I will try to work in international or local NGOs or in private developing companies.

Having the opportunity to organize the 3rd Community Forum in El Gouna during my first semester was an added value to my academic life. As an UD student who has spent three semesters looking into various systems of different cities worldwide, El Gouna forms very often an opposite and contradictive alternative. This only twenty-four year old and very quiet town encompasses a mix of investments that could lead to the fulfillment of its ambitious dream to become a carbon neutral city.

Third intake 2014

Mariam Elsheikh, Egypt (*1990)


I graduated in 2012 with a B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering. Currently, I am doing my Master’s degree in Urban Development at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. The unique program includes students from various nationalities. It helps me to discover my interests and visions for my future career in the field of urban planning and project management.

The program is very practical and connects theory to real life challenges, making it very efficient in coming up with proper solutions. Helping out at TU Berlin beside my study also helps me to develop my personal time management skills.

Life in El Gouna is a pleasant experience and absolutely perfect for studying in general and for Urban Development in particular. Life here is very peaceful and organized, and the community practices sustainability as a lifestyle.

Ola Atif, Egypt, (*1988)


I graduated in 2010 with a B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering. Currently, I am doing my Master’s degree in Urban Development at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna.

The uniqueness of the program is its orientation towards applicability and implementation. The alteration of semesters in Egypt and Berlin allows us to exchange knowledge and culture and to gain skills and experiences.

Life in El Gouna is different from the rest of the country. It was a new experience for me to study in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere with different nationalities enjoying weekends and vacations on beaches or at parties.



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