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Students Win at Climate KIC

The winning team and their coaches, from left to right: Diane, Ines, Sam, Amalia, Tarek, Brenna, Venkatesh, and Arthur

Students of TU Berlin Campus El Gouna participated in the "Climate KIC" summer school in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their project "Solarflux" won the award for the best pitch presentation and the audience award. The team consisted of Energy Engineering student Venkatesh Bhat and Water Engineering student Tarek Zahran. Further group members are studying in Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, and the USA..

The team intends to apply for the Greenhouse program of the Climate KIC, where if they are accepted, would receive 5000€ to work on our project further. 

Their idea was to use solar water collectors on the façades of hotels in Turkey so that their hot water requirements could be met by using renewables. They chose Turkey as it receives plenty of solar radiation, depends heavily on imported fossil fuels and nearly 90% of the hotels there use fossil fuels to generate hot water. By using an aesthetically pleasing design for the collector, it can be mounted on the façade to maximize the production of hot water when used in conjunction with the conventional collectors which are placed on the roof. To start, an analysis of the surface of the building needs to be carried out to find out which areas receive the maximum amount of radiation over the year. The solar tiles would be placed in such locations.

During the two weeks in Zurich, the team had to do a market analysis for the product in the chosen country and develop the business plan. They also visited IBM and Tesla in Zurich.

During the final week in Copenhagen, they had to submit the final business plan and prepare the final presentation. The final pitch lasted only 3 minutes, followed by a Q&A session of 7 minutes in front of a jury. Out of the 17 groups from 2 different journeys, they won the award for the best pitch presentation and also received the audience award.

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