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Sara Al Ahmad, MBA.


Coordinator and Research associate

Energy Engineering Department

Module: Interdisciplinary Studies

Consulting hours: appointment via e-mail


Research focus:

Internationalization of universities

Employability of graduates

Intercultural communications

Short biography

Sara Al Ahmad has more than 8 years of working experience in higher education institutions.

From 2008 to 2013, besides being involved in the establishment of the International Office of Arab International University (AIU), Damascus, she also was an active member in all internationalization projects of the university on the national and international levels, and have much experience in academic management. Furthermore, Sara has background in Business Administration (MBA 2012) qualified her to actively engage in the education of the students in this field. As an Arabic native speaker with excellent English and good German skills, and a background in the Humanities (BA in English Literature, as well as studies in Culture and Religion and American Studies), she is a perfect fit for the intercultural and diverse programs at El Gouna.

Sara Al Ahmad has experience in the accreditation of study programs, as she was involved in TEMPUS projects to establish educational standards and programs of several universities in the Middle East to meet up with internationally accepted accreditation criteria with the help of numerous European Universities and accreditation agencies (2010-2012). She was also involved in the coordination efforts of AIU partnership in six Erasmus Mundus scholarship programs.

Research activities

6 International Conference on Contemporary Problems of Thermal Engineering: Sara Al Ahmad, Tatiana Morosuk: “Challenges of the energy job market: intercultural competencies as main requirement for the future experts” 21‐24 September 2020 using ClickMeeting webinar platform.

International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition IMECE 2019: Sara Al Ahmad, Tatiana Morosuk, George Tsatsaronis: “Student Mobility Programs: Effect on the Intercultural Competences and Employment of Energy Engineering Students” November 11-14, 2019, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.


Master thesis supervisions:

Open for supervision for related topics

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