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Research Activities of the Energy Engineering Department

The Energy Engineering Department provides well equipped laboratories for a broad spectrum of technologies for generating, distributing and transform energy to be used in buildings, cities or entire regions. The experts of our department develop and discuss with the students innovative ecological and sustainable solutions to answer questions of today and tomorrow. The emerging city of El Gouna provides perfect boundary conditions and infrastructure to develop lighthouse and pilot projects to satisfy the rising energy demand per GDP of the MENA-Region.

Collaborative research activities

The Department of Energy Engineering has several successful research collaborations with well know institutes. 

Linear Fresnel Collector (LFC) Research Project


Currently, Linear Fresnel concentrated solar technology is being implemented as a small scale variant in the framework of several projects focused on facility refrigeration in the MENA region. Solar desalination of sea and well water is seen as a major future technology to mitigate water and energy scarcity within decentralized hybrid and combined technologies. In partnership with several technology providers a research field TU Berlin has planned to realize on site measurements with an implemented Linear Fresnel system (Industrial Solar GmbH, Freiburg, Germany) and low temperature distillation (TPTec, Switzerland).

As a first step, in 2017 the transfer of a fully operational LFC field from Germany to El Gouna Campus has been initiated to bring together research activities on resource friendly fresh water, solar steam and refrigeration energy generation.


Cooperation with ISC Konstanz


The TU Berlin Campus El Gouna and the ISC Konstanz have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to expand the R&E activities in the fields of photovoltaic modules and systems to El Gouna. Currently, ISC Konstanz owns office space and warehouses in El Gouna, and test stands where solar modules are installed and monitored for testing. The same type of modules are tested at ISC Konstanz in Germany, with both sites using Papendorf measuring systems. In the first stage the institute tests special bifacial n-type modules during the German publicly funded project "hochNsolar". The surplus yield acquired in comparison to standard modules is evaluated.

For more information please visit the website of ISC Konstanz.

Weather Station El Gouna

Weather Station 1
Weather Station 1

This weather station was build up in cooperation with the FU Berlin, Institute for Meteorology during a DAAD workshop in February 2013. Besides wind speed and direction, global solar radiation, we are also measuring the temperature, humidiy and the ambient pressure. The location is outside El Gouna and aprox. 3 km distance from the Campus.

Please visit our online interface here!

Cooperation with MED-ENEC


Goal of the MED-ENEC Project, which is funded by the European Union, is to reduce the energy demand of buildings and the related growing impact on the local and global environment. This goal matches the scope of the Campus El Gouna to develop concepts for sustainable cities, buildings and increase the overall efficiency of building energy systems in the MENA-Region. The first activity will be the supervision of Master Thesis’ of students of the TU Berlin, Campus El Gouna.

Within the cooperation with the Energy Engineering Department a student develops a matrix to assists decision makers to introduce energy saving technologies within new buildings or refurbishment projects.

Read more on their project website.

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