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Alumni activities and success stories


The Campus El Gouna has its own Alumni association. Using the funding of the DAAD, the association successfully organized two workshops already. In February 2017, the first alumni seminar titled "Urban Agriculture and Urban Gardening" has successfully been completed at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna, Egypt. The second topic was of greater interest to the energy engineering alumni and discussed "Smart Cities" from the 22nd to the 29th of April 2018 at TU Berlin main Campus in Berlin.   The focus was especially the energy, urban and water issues of future cities. The workshops target two diverse groups-  One is comprised of 18 alumni from TU Berlin Campus El Gouna and another group comprises the 14 alumni of different generations from TU Berlin central alumni. The general goals of the Alumni Club El Gouna are:

  • Maintain contact between the alumni, their former university lecturers, companies, and funding organizations.
  • Place an emphasis on Energy, Water and Urban development sector. 
  • Focus on topics relevant to us and the region
  • Conduct seminars and summer schools for students and alumni in Berlin and abroad.
  • Career Service, mentoring for graduates and students.
  • Be ambassadors of the TU Berlin Campus El Gouna
  Moreover, the TU Berlin Alumni program enables members to take advantage of a range of interesting services e.g. access to the alumni portal and networking with fellow TU alumni in Germany and 138 other countries. More at https://www.alumni.tu-berlin.de/en/home-alumni-engl/ 

Alumni Success Stories

Anjan Kumar, Entrepreneur and Chief System Engineer at Suzlon Group, Germany


Anjan Kumar, M.Sc. Energy Engineering, intake 2013

Anjan Kumar is a TU Berlin Campus El Gouna Alumni from the second batch of graduates of the Energy Engineering Master of Science. Previous to his studies Anjan worked as Assistant Manager in the Research and Development of Blue Star limited, a Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Company in Mumbai and accounted to three years of work experience as product Development engineer at Suzlon Wind Energy.

During his master studies Anjan was employed as student Process Analyst working on comparative analysis of solar cooling technologies at Danfoss company in Berlin. Moreover he conducted his Master thesis at the German Aerospace center DLR in Cologne with the research topic: “Sustainable Fertilizer (Ammonia) production” under supervision of the TU Berlin Chair of Exergy-based methods for Refrigeration Systems.

Already during his studies, Anjan brought first honors to the campus by winning a competition of the Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI), under cooperation of TU Berlin and Siemens entitled "Designing Smarter Cities", along with his team “Phlams” firmed by Climate-KIC alumni which recently formed a start-up “leaftech”.

Anjan refers to himself as: “a global citizen and a passionate energy engineer who envisions a sustainable future with an affordable and sustainable energy mix” working to develop products and devise relevant policies and create awareness to ensure the future he envisages.

Apart from his success with his start-up which among other things entered the entered the Climate-KIC Greenhouse programme in Germany, Anjan is working as Chief System Engineer at Suzlon Group, one of the leading global renewable energy solutions providers, in Rostock, Germany.

On his experience in Campus El- Gouna Anjan says- ‘Well it was a journey for me, so it’s very difficult to share the experience, but I believe that the journey is all that there is and it can be very interesting- Subh Yatra’.



Mohamed Nabil, Energy Engineer at toughTrough GmbH, Germany


Mohamed Nabil, Energy Engineering graduate, intake 2013

Mohamed Nabil graduated in 2011 from Helwan University with a bachelor’s degree in Energy Engineering. At the beginning of the summer term of 2015 Nabil went from being a Master’s student of the Energy Engineering program at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna to a part time energy engineer at toughTrough GmbH, a global acting solar company.

ToughTrough is a German enterprise, specialized in innovative light-weight solar application.[1] Nabil not only had the chance to do his Master’s thesis with toughTrough but was also sent to Thailand to coordinate and supervise one of the company’s CSP projects.

According to Nabil’s narration the Energy Engineering program was a main contributor to his personal success story. Apart from the program being the motivation for him heading to Germany and learning the German language in the first place he especially complimented the push towards independent work and critical thinking in addition to the content taught.  Moreover, he appreciated the focus on most critical challenges in the energy sector covering state of the art technologies for conventional and renewable energy sources.

Nabil made clear, that El Gouna’s - life as it should be - atmosphere is not as relaxing as it seems: “You will always be chased by deadlines, but the studying atmosphere is real fun.” Moreover, he stated: “Although the campus is located in Egypt, you will always get the feeling that you are in one of the building extensions from Berlin. Starting from the great German professors (…)”.

All in all, the hard work was worth it and the energy engineering is very proud that Mohamed Nabil made it in the harshly competitive CSP business.

Felix Lee, Analyst at CBRE, Asia Pacific Research, Hong Kong


Felix Lee,M.Sc. Energy Engineering,  intake 2013

Felix Lee is the second patch of graduates in Energy Engineering of TU Berlin campus El Gouna. After obtaining his bachelor degree in Applied Physics, he continued his further study on the energy-related subjects and chose TU Berlin as his destination for the master studies.

During his master studies, Felix started to develop interests in energy for buildings. And during the semester break, he came back to Hong Kong and worked as an intern in the Hong Kong Green Building Council. He then made use of his energy engineering knowledge and applied on the fields of green buildings and sustainability.

Since his master thesis, Felix performed research with Prof. Nytsch-Geusen on the green roof simulation modeling by Modelica. After graduation, they further refined the model and wrote a research paper, titled “Analysis of Cooling and Heating Energy Provided by a Green Roof System with Integrated Air Ducts for Mid-latitude Cities”, for the BauSIM 2016.

In November 2017, Felix joined CBRE, the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world, as an analyst in the Asia Pacific Research Team. Specialized on the office sector, he liaised with the local research teams across the region on information and data which composes of the regional reports.

As an analyst, Felix also reviewed and evaluated the data result to provide statistical and analytical reports in supporting the business lines and senior management.

The intercultural atmosphere in Berlin and El Gouna enables Felix to flexibly deal with clients and colleagues across the regions.

Furthermore, the master program developed his interest and expertise on renewables, energy policy and sustainability. He would continue to research on those areas and study the subject impacts on commercial real estates. To investigate the premium of asset value after adoption of renewable energy and sustainability measures, through the coming research, would be his next goal in the near future.

Ahmed Mahran, Project Engineer at Orascom Construction, Egypt


Ahmed Mahran, M.Sc. Energy Engineering, intake 2013

After successful completion of his master degree, Ahmed joined Orascom Construction Industries [1] - a leading global EPC contractor focused primarily on industrial and infrastructure projects in MENA and US - as a project engineer who contributes to the Egyptian energy boost program. Currently, Ahmed is working on Assiut add-on power project done in cooperation with General Electric Co. After completion, the plant will add 1,500 megawatts to the Egyptian grid.

During his master’s degree, Ahmed joined International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz e.V.[2] in Germany twice in 2014 and 2015 where he focused his scientific activities on researching photovoltaic (PV) modules and their operation in smart grids. In 2014, he examined the performance of PV modules in harsh ambient conditions in terms of temperature and humidity. Whereas in 2015, he participated in the European smart grid research project CoSSMic[3] during which he developed a software tool to update the energy yield of PV-powered smart grids. Additionally, he applied innovative information and communication technology (ICT) to increase the self-consumption of solar-powered smart grids. His performance nominated him to publish his results twice in the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition[4] and to receive an excellent grade in his thesis defense which took place in Berlin late 2015.

Besides, Ahmed is committed to tapping-off the Egyptian market towards harnessing solar energy due to their abundant potential. The master program helped Ahmed to witness different cultures and foster proactively in promoting for environmental protection while answering the ever-lasting question of sustainable energy supply.

Mohamed Magdeldin, Doctoral candidate at Aalto University, Finland


Mohamed Magdeldin, M.Sc. Energy Engineering, intake 2012

Mohamed Magdeldin is currently in pursuit of his Ph.D, in Energy Technology at Aalto University School of Engineering after graduating from TUB El-Gouna campus in 2015.

He joined the M.Sc. program earlier after obtaining a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Technology PETRONAS, Malaysia.  During his enrollment and as a result of presenting a research paper on the development of Energy policy frameworks in Egypt, Mohamed received the best paper award at the 4th Desertec Energy Conference held in Rabat, Morocco in 2012.

As a partial fulfillment of the M.Sc. program, Mohamed joined Industrial Solar GmbH based in Freiburg, Germany for a two month internship period. The scope of work involved working closely with the engineering team on the development of the company’s solar

direct steam generation pilot plant based on the Linear Fresnel technology. 

Mohamed culminated the program with a Master thesis research titled: “The development of optimized conceptual plant designs for the supercritical water gasification of biomass process”. The thesis work was prepared and conducted at Aalto University in Finland, as part of the European mobility ERASMUS exchange program.

Mohamed’s current doctoral research is a continuation to the thesis project he started at TUB El-Gouna. According to Mohamed, the Master program enabled his personal and technical aptitude with “the necessary skill set to pursuit a future career in the field of innovative energy technologies”. It also provided several opportunities to exchange knowledge and contribute within the global energy research community.

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