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Energy Economics and Systems

Energy markets have complex structures and regulations determining prices and market behavior of key actor groups e.g. developers, investors, generators, shippers and customers. It is crucial for energy engineers to understand market behavior in order to be a successful player for instance while introducing new energy technologies to the market.

The course considers markets for different energy carriers along with markets for electricity and heat which have different properties and include both renewable and non-renewable sources. The key elements of this course include methodological issues, such as cost calculations including external costs and energy modeling on the basis of energy balances and scenarios. A focus is also put on the market liberalization of the grid business and the related trading at energy exchanges and over the counter.In addition to the supply side of energy markets, the demand side is also covered by analyzing energy efficiency measures and instruments. Understanding the particularities of energy markets is crucial for managers in the energy business, even if their key competence is energy or environmental engineering. In the first part of this module students gain a general understanding of methodological instruments for analyzing energy markets, secondly a practical insight into advanced energy markets by cooperating with companies and experts in industry is given. 

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Georg Erdmann, Department of Energy Systems, Technical University of Berlin


Prof. Georg Erdmann is Professor for Energy Systems at the Department of Energy Technology at TU Berlin. Research area of Prof. Erdmann includes but not limited to energy economics containing energy market reform, market modeling and forecasting, energy trade and investment strategies along with financing and risk management. His field of study was Mathematics and Economics, and he is holding a PhD degree in Economics from Münster University. His research includes market admission of novel energy technologies comprising for instance electric vehicles, battery storage and fuel cells. He published several books. Prof. Erdmann is the President of the Board, KSB Energie AG Berlin, envolved in energy trading services, chair of the GEE German member institution of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE).

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