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Refrigeration and Air Condition


Complementary to increasing the efficiency of energy supply and introducing higher penetration of renewable energy sources, the reduction of energy demand is an even more relevant manner while aiming for a more sustainable energy system. Especially in countries of the MENA region and generally hot regions, the electricity required for air conditioning and refrigeration dominates the overall electricity consumption, resulting in power fadeouts on hot summer days as the power supply does not meet the demand.

The course Refrigeration and Air Conditioning firstly introduces principles of operation of compression refrigeration machines and principles from the design of the most commonly used types of components. Furthermore, modern methods of analysis and evaluation of compression refrigeration machines are taught. After completion of the module, students are able to choose an adequate tool for the optimization of a system. Moreover, students should gain the creativity to design new tools for the optimization of processes, have skills in preparing data and information for the design of the system and have the ability to independently solve tasks in the field of thermal design of compression refrigeration machines starting with insulation, thermodynamic cycles, working fluids, main and additional components for single and multi-stage refrigeration machines. As well cascade refrigeration machines, special refrigeration machines and thermally driven refrigeration machines are part of the class.

For each topic the terminology, historical background, rational field of application as well as energy and exergy analyses, economic aspects, ways for improving or optimizing the machines, principles of control and automatic systems will be discussed.



Dr. Tetyana Morozyuk, Institute for Energy Engineering, Technical University of Berlin


Tetyana Morozyuk is professor at the Institute for Energy Engineering at the Technical University Berlin, Germany. She studied refrigeration engineering in the Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration, Ukraine, and received her Diploma in 1990. She received her Ph.D. in 1994 and a Doctor Habilitatus Degree in 2001, all in Ukraine. Professor Morozyuk has over twenty years teaching experience in the fields of refrigeration and energy engineering (development, design, simulation and analysis of energy conversion processes) and applied thermodynamics (exergy-based methods). She is the author or co-author of 7 books and more than 250 research publications, and has 10 patents. Professor Morozyuk is associated with several scientific organizations (ASME - USA and IIF/IIR – France) as well as many international energy-related conferences and recognized International Journals.

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