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The harvest of energy emitted by the sun and convert it to electrical energy in only one step is not only brilliant but also has the largest range of applications. Photovoltaics is available and economically feasible at any scale and the most attractive renewable energy technology for off-grid application particularity in the MENA region. The module Photovoltaics introduces the students to the true scope of semiconductor technologies.

This module starts with the physical fundamentals for understanding the concept of semiconductors and function of this technology, as well as the respective raw materials. In addition to the physical understanding of the solar cells, new techniques such as thin layer cells are also explained and characterized. This includes material supply, component design, component characterization and integrated circuits.

After successful completion, students should be able to work effectively in the development of solar cells, solar modules and systems. As part of the module, students are expected to acquire a basic understanding particularly in the following areas of photovoltaics (PV): Electrical and physical properties and relationships, radiation of the sun, interaction between radiation and PV materials, preparation and properties of PV materials, as well as PV components, characterization of PV materials and PV components. Standard concepts as well as special concepts will be discussed. The course combines the transmission of knowledge (lecture) with the theoretical (exercise) and practical (laboratory) application.



Prof. Dr. Bernd Szyszka, Institute of High-Frequency and Semiconductor System Technologies, TU Berlin



Prof. Bernd Szyszka is an expert in applied physics and electrical engineering in the field of thin film photovoltaics and oxide electronics. He received his PhD from TU Braunschweig. Meanwhile Prof. Szyszka built up the area "Large Area Coating" at the Fraunhofer IST. Moreover Prof. Szyszka is chair of smart materials in the Society of Vacuum Coaters of Vacuum.

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Dr. Stefan Gall, Institute of Silicon Photovoltaics, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin



Dr. Gall conducted his Ph.D. thesis at TU Berlin. Dr. Gall gained experience in Industry as Technology Director for Polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar modules at CSG Solar AG, Thalheim and as Development Engineer within the central research division of Infineon Technologies AG and Siemens AG, both based in Munich. Now Dr. Gall is the senior researcher at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin at the Institute of Silicon Photovoltaics.

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