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Energy Markets and Sector Coupling


What is market coupling? What is the economic benefit of coupling different markets? There are various ways to couple markets, such as price coupling, tight or loose volume coupling, or market splitting. Each method of coupling markets has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the main purpose is to allocate scarce border grid capacity in the most efficient way.
The focus of the module “Project Market Coupling” is to explain what does coupling of different markets mean, and the economic benefit of coupling different markets, such as electricity, heat, etc. The course also explains which technologies of market coupling are discussed presently, the advantages that market coupling can bring to the global society.
Furthermore, the course focuses on modeling aspects, such as explaining what Python is and its advantages over GAMS, explaining what Github is used for, and why should we use OpenAccess.   Detailed description of energy system models will also be provided. Finally, a power-to-fuel process in Egypt with transport to Germany will be modelled in Python. This includes modeling the cost of photovoltaics in Egypt with a detailed model in Python, modeling the hydrogen production costs, the transport infrastructure, and the use of time series aggregation models.

Dr. Ing. Martin Robinius Head of Process and Systems Analysis, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH


Dr. Martin Robinius is the head of the Process and Systems Analysis Department at the Institute of Energy and Climate research. The department’s main research activities are power-to-gas, fuel cell cars and renewable energy sources. He wrote his PhD thesis at the RWTH Aachen, for which he won several awards.

He is also a visiting researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA). He began his career at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology.

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