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Lab-Scale Testing and Education Plants and Test Benches

Research possibilities/considerations

Our testing equipment is mainly designed to educate our students in laboratory exercises. However, they can be used to test the specified components under laboratory conditions (i.e. performance test). All test benches are designed to monitor and visualize the whole corresponding processes and its values (i.e. pressures and temperatures). 


  • Energy Conversion: observation, analyzes, and optimization of energy flows in energy conversion systems
  • System Performance: understanding and optimization of whole energy supply and conversion systems

Please  for any further inquires regarding our testing facilities.

Absorption chiller supported by solar thermal energy


  • 50 kW Absorption Chiller (prototype), developed at TU Berlin together with project partners Vattenfall and ZAE Bayern (more information here)
  • Optimized design leads to a smaller and lighter chiller and also the time needed to reach full load could be reduced by around 50%
  • Thermal solar collector field on the roof (Collector Type Infinity 323, high-performance flat plate collector with 2,51 m2 gross collector area)
  • Additional equipment like hot water storage, heat exchangers, measuring devices


  • Understanding the absorption refrigeration process
  • Determination of energy balances
  • Determination of the Coefficient of Performance (COP)
  • Investigation of the solar-thermal driven absorption chiller under arid climate conditions

Axial flow turbomachines

System can be used as turbine or pump


  • Single-stage axial turbo-engine which can be operated as pump or turbine
  • Different blade shapes
  • Transparent housing in blade area for viewing of flow
  • Electronic differential pressure measurement for the various blade planes
  • In turbine operation, feedback of braking energy into the mains power system
  • Electronic measurement and display of rotational speed, torque and flow


  • Recording of characteristic curves
  • Determining of dimensionless characteristic data
  • Speed deltas and press characteristics
  • Investigation of energy conversion within the turbo-engine
  • Effect of blade shape on performance and efficiency
  • Cavitation
  • Determining outflow swirl and its effect on performance

Four stroke diesel engine with load unit


  • Water cooled 4-cylinder four stroke diesel engine with direct injection, as used in cars
  • Eddy current brake (75 kW) used as load unit for the diesel engine


  • Plotting of torque and power curves
  • Determination of specific fuel consumption
  • Determination of volumetric efficiency and lambda (fuel-air ratio)
  • Energy balances
  • Overall engine efficiency

Fuel cell training system


  • Modular built fuel cell training system
  • Hydrogen storage module
  • Fuel cell module
  • Power electronics module, incl. battery
  • Electric load
  • System monitor


  • Investigation of system components
  • Examination of inputs and outputs
  • Examination of system efficiency
  • Generation of characteristic curves
  • Investigation of thermal characteristics
  • Investigation of system behavior during load step changes

Ice stores in refrigeration


  • Compressor, refrigeration capacity: approx. 1,7kW at -15/32°C
  • Pump, ice store circuit
  • Pump, condenser cooling
  • Pumps, wet/dry cooling tower
  • Ice store: 150L
  • Wet cooling tower, rated cooling capacity: 12,8kW
  • Dry cooling tower, rated cooling capacity: 13,8kW


  • Understanding the basic design of a refrigeration system
  • Function and operation of an ice store - charge - discharge
  • Compression refrigeration cycle in the log p-h and T-S diagram
  • Energy flow balance
  • Energy transport via different media
  • Function and operation of a wet cooling tower
  • Function and operation of a dry cooling tower
  • Determination of the COP

Positive displacement piston compressor


  • 2-stage compressor with interstage cooling, model TZW 50-15 (MEHRER)
  • Suitable for delivery of absolutely oil-free compressed air
  • Additional non-standard measurements
  • 750 liter compressed-air tank


  • Investigating the behavior of the compressor under different load
  • Measurement of - air flow rate, - intake and delivery pressure, - rotational speed, - temperatures
  • Understanding the influence of the interstage cooling
  • Determination of the volumetric and isothermal efficiency

Pump test stand

Two centrifugal pumps

  • One positive-displacement pump
  • One self-priming side-channel pump
  • One free position equipped with a reversible three-phase AC motor with variable speed can be used for mounting of any pump.


  • Investigating the behavior of different types of pumps
  • Recording the pump characteristic curves
  • Recording the system characteristic curve
  • Determining efficiency
  • Investigation and comparison of parallel and series configuration of centrifugal pumps
  • Comparison of pump types

Steam jet compressor in refrigeration engineering


  • Vapour generator
  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Vapour jet pump
  • Pump


  • Knowledge of the functioning of vapour jet refrigeration systems
  • Investigation of the anticlockwise operating Clausius-Rankine process as a refrigeration circuit
  • Characteristics of the injector principle of thermal compressors
  • Pressure and temperature measurements at the different components
  • Determination of evaporator output using ammeter and voltmeter
  • Representation of refrigeration circuit and vapour circuit in log p-h diagram
  • Determination and graphical processing of characteristic performance figures
  • Compression refrigeration cycle in the log p-h diagram

Steam power plant


  • Complete laboratory scale steam power plant
  • Oil-heated steam boiler
  • Electrical superheater
  • Single stage Curtis wheel turbine with generator
  • Condenser
  • Closed water circuit
  • Wet cooling tower
  • Control system


  • Measurement of all relevant process parameters
  • Evaluation of the energy equation and the efficiency of the steam generator and turbine
  • Determination of the specific fuel consumption
  • Determination of the saturated steam temperature as a function of the pressure
  • Influence of superheating
  • Investigation of the condensation process

Two stage axial flow fan


  • Two axial flow fans
  • Drive motor rated output: 3,45kW
  • Max. differential pressure: 798Pa
  • Variable frequency driven motor with RPM ranging from 60 to 3000 min-1
  • 3-hole probe for determining pressure and velocity profile
  • Throttle valve for determining grid parameter


  • Determining the fan characteristic
  • Series configuration or individual operation of axial fans
  • Determining the energy balance
  • Determining the pressure and velocity distribution on rotor and guide vane by means of a probe

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