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Field research and sampling

For onside analyzes, the Energy Engineering Department is equipped with all kind of mobile measurement systems. These equipment is suitable for quick and/or detailed measurements, i.e. of temperatures or pressures of various gases and can be used on-site.

Please  for any further inquires regarding our field equipment.

Combined power system of photovoltaics and wind turbine with storage

wind turbine
Unpacked blades of wind turbine

[Under Construction]


The combined power system is located at the TU-Berlin Campus El Gouna. A photovoltaic generator is installed on the roof of a technical building and a wind turbine is mounted on the ground nearby the Campus building.


  • Wind turbine by Windspot with a rated power of 3.5 kWp designed for off-grid applications
  • Array of 16 mono-facial solar panels with 245 Wp each by Heckert Solar resulting in 3.92 kWp
  • 48 V vented stationary battery with liquid electrolyte OpsZ by Hoppecke with 1070 Ah capacity
  • as load: two Panasonic Etherea Air Conditioner with 5 kW cooling and 6.8 kW heating power.


  • Study of a combined power system in an arid region with high wind occurrence
  • Study of mutual compensation of excess energy
  • Determination of grid compatibility
  • Study of feasibility for integration in existing environment
  • Study of reliability and stability of chemical storage technology in arid climate under constant load

Photovoltaic test field


The photovoltaic test field is located outside the developed area of the town installed close to the 66V/22V transformer station where the national grid is connected in an arid climate.


  • A free field photovoltaic installation with eight solar panels each around 250 Wp by different technologies and manufacturers
  • Two similar installations with fixed tilt of about 25° and 35° respectively
  • Bi-facial solar panels installed in east-west direction
  • Measurement of the Current-Voltage characteristic of every single solar panel and keeping it in the maximum power point during non-measurement time with Papendorf Sol.Connect equipment


  • Study of climatic influences like high temperatures and soiling on electrical power output and performance ratio
  • Determination of stability of embedding materials and the change in optical and electrical properties
  • Assessment of surface reflection for bi-facial solar panels
  • Evaluation of different installation methods, like fixed installation at different angles, east-west installation of bi-facial solar panels and prospectively sun-tracked.

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