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Analysis Laboratories

analytic laboratories
Monosorb surface area analyzes system

Well equipped analyzes laboratories are part of the Energy Engineering Department. They consist of systems to analyze the chemical composition, as well as the upper and lower heating value of all kind of fuels, like oils or biomasses. Further appliances, for analyzing the capability of electro-chemical storage systems, are also part of our laboratories. 

Please for any further inquires regarding our analyzes laboratories.

Available equipment

  • Autoclaves:

    • 5 liter, 131 bar, 300 °C
    • 1 liter, 131 bar, 300 °C
    • C 200 System Bomb Calorimeter

  • Helium-Leak detector ASM Graph
  • Vacuum Pumps incl. diverse vacuum equipment
  • Temperature Measurements:

    • Calibrator Type ISOTECH Hyperion PLUS 2140 SN
    • PRT and Thermocouple Thermometer TTI - 7 PLUS
    • Reference Thermometers
    • Water Triple Point Cell, Modell ISOTECH B8-30-130
    • slim Gallium Melt Point Cell, Modell ISOTECH M 17401 M

  • Electronic pressure calibrator LPC 300 incl. accessories
  • pH-Meter, Conductivity Meter
  • Different Sartorius High Precision Balances from 0.5g+/-0.001mg up to 34kg+/-0.1g
  • Calibration Weights
  • FLUXUS F601 Multifunctional Portable Ultrasonic Flow Measurement of Liquids
  • FP51-SL Ultra-Low Refrigerated Circulators (Julabo)
  • Stereo Microscope
  • Weatherstation
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Universal oven UFE 400
  • RV 10 digital V Rotary Evaporator set
  • Planetary Ball Mill PM 100 CM
  • Sieve Shaker AS 200
  • Cutting Mill SM 100 comfort
  • Hinged Tube Furnace with Controller B 150, Technical specifications RS 120/500/11

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