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Excursion to 2MWp PV Power Plant Berlin-Mariendorf

Excursion to PV Plant Berlin-Mariendorf

27 May 2015 - The students of the Energy Engineering Department visisted Berlin's biggest free-field photovoltaic power plant in Berlin-Mariendorf. The power plant is located on the site of an old gas plant that was built in 1900. It was producing gas out of coal and was providing it to Berlin for nearly a century.

In 1996, the gas plant was shut down and a part of the area was designated to become a photovoltaic power plant. In 2009, ten so-called movers with a total capacity of around 200kWp were installed as a pilot project. Such a system follows the sun by an underlaying algorithm. In comparison to a system with a fixed tilt and orientation, a mover is always directed perfectly to the sun and is therefore generating a higher energy output but needs auxiliary energy.

Later, the photovoltaic power plant was expanded by a fixed system with a defined orientation to the south and a tilt of around 30°. With this extension it became Berlins biggest free-field photovoltaic power plant inside the city borders. The installed capacity of about 2MWp can serve up to 2,000 households. This feed-in saves 1150t of CO2 emissions, an amount that would require 140,00 trees to bind.

Through the discussion with the experts of GASAG and the tour to the inverter building and the grid connection station, the students got a deep insight into the technology of a photovoltaic power plant and how the feed-in and the remote control of a power plant by the utility is regulated in Germany.

We want to thank GASAG for the opportunity of this excursion and especially Mr. Hoffmann and Mr. Meltzer for the guided tour on site.


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